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I'm writing this starting at an hour before i have to leave for a week... :3c. Anyway, this summer has been anything but swell but more like what I felt like going to college except physically draining and that I'm now seeing people even less than I was before .___. So to start things off, I got a job. I stocked food at Cub Foods and was constantly dehumanized and misgendered. Every time someone came up to me to either tell me what to do or to ask for help it was a "miss? m'am?" etc etc. ffs just because I have longer hair for a male that doesn't suddenly turn me into a female... going on to the dehumanized part, my higher ups constantly treated me like a dog and keep acting like it was the first time I'd ever been out of my house, first time I'd ever even done something physical, and acted like I needed to be told how to do everything. "Stock the food like it looks like it had previously been done." Well no shit, if you had been watching you would know I already was. But in the end I guess that doesn't matter as new employees have to do 10 day reviews. What happened? Other employees and my boss himself said I was lazy, unenthusiastic, snotty, unwilling to help, slow, etc etc etc. and fired me... That pretty much proved that those people had it out for me and that's what pisses me off the most. How could they say that with a straight face when I was the one always asking customers if they needed help, always being nice and saying you're welcome and stuff. I'd always be making sure I was doing what needed to be done and didn't sit around waiting and talking like I a lot of others doing, going out of my way to do the things new employees normally wouldn't, and trying to multi-task whenever I could. I guess it's better in the end I'm out of there anyway, all I felt after each day was attacked and lonely, $8 an hour didn't feel even close to worth it.

So on other notes, summer has felt like a let down in other cases as I really am not getting to see people much. No one ever seems to be available or if they are it was the times I wasn't. Glad that at lest the one or two times I have seen anyone it was an all-nighter. I hope at least not having that horrible job will make it easier now. Maybe even get into drawing a little more again. I tell ya, those college classes really made me just want to drop all writing and drawing tools for as long as I could, it wasn't fun at all at the end. Speaking of which, the other day I went to apply for my next semester's classes. I did some classes last year so I ould take graphic arts this next semester BUT THEY ADDED ANOTHER CLASS TO THE PREREQUISITES AND NOW I HAVE TO TAKE THIS STUPID DESKTOP DESIGN CLASS TO GET INTO IT so I'm pissed. The only class for it too is also at I time that's really a bitch.

Because of how my math credits have been going, I would've needed to take 2 math classes this upcoming year or just one hard one and of course I'd rather not do either so now I've been having a once a week math class that's going to make things so much easier. The class itself is a joke as I'm already 2 weeks ahead and would be done with the class. But of course they tell me "You have to sit in here for all the hours so it doesn't matter if you're ahead." So I'm just going to be sitting there doing nothing for these last ones .w.'

Now as to why I'm leaving soon, going to Many Point Scout Camp for my last time ever :v Sadly it doesn't look like I'll have much to do as most of the classes I've already taken there or just ones that don't interest me. One new one is Game Design and Im taking that so we'll see how that turns out. One of my friends also wants to do an all week Dungeons & Dragons thing so idk if that'll be fun.

Either way that's it, woohoo.
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